Yogic Principles & Wisdom from the Emerald Tablets

Way Wive Wordz for the Spiritual Creative: Some wordz on that 'ancestor  worship' thing!Our ancestors were so powerful and miraculous! Now when I use the word miraculous please don’t think of anything spooky or something just falling out of the sky, without effort on their part. Our ancestors were practitioners of high spiritual and mental practices bestowed upon them from the GODDESSES AND GODS; so it is only due to diligent persistent effort they were recipients of gifts that have left man in awe. When you set out  to garden you don’t or would not just scatter the seeds aimlessly. No! You would plant them with purpose, plant the seeds with purpose in the soil and even before planting in the soil you would have cultivated the soil making preparations in order to receive the blessings to yield the full potential of the earth. Now apply this application to us the physical man. As man we cannot expect to be powerful and miraculous or tap into full potential without due preparation, diligence, and persistence. We have to return to these practices and we have to make an investment in ourselves. I know our people were so great and things they accomplished have us in awe and we might not imagine ourselves capable of reaching their height. And the first thing and key to our success lies in our IMAGINATION! What I’m saying is they fully believed in themselves. To achieve all we have to do is believe, followed by diligent persistent practice and none of this will cost us anything besides time; the setting aside of time to put into practice. The great pyramid was not created on the first attempt or overnight, it involved much effort and attempts. We have the step pyramid by Imhotep, the bent pyramid by Sneferu , than finally the great pyramid with true point.


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The practice I will expound upon and share comes from the God Tehuti/Thoth who is the God of magic, writhing, arts, sciences, and scribes of the God’s. This specific practice can be found in “The Emerald Tablets of Tehuti” that was given to our ancestors so that we may have life. Tehuti is described as the word of god and the heart of Ra, he is also observes the heart being weighed in the balance on judgment day in the hall of Maat.


Alchemia & Magick — Tehuti, Djehuti

It is my honor to present to you this excerpt from “The Emerald Tablets:
“Know  that the secret of life in Amenti is the secret of restoring the balance of the poles. All that exists has form and is living because of the spirit of in its poles.
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See you not that in earth’s heart is the balance of all things that exist and have being on its face. The source of your spirit is drawn from the earth’s heart. For in your form you are one with the earth.
When you have learned to hold your own balance, than will you draw on the balance of the earth. Exist then will you while earth is existing, changing in form, only when the earth, too will change: tasting not of death, but one with this planet, holding your form till all pass away.
Mabon Balance Meditation Ritual
Listen you, O man, while I give the secret so that you too taste not of change. One hour each day shall you lie with your head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). One hour each day shall your head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south). While your head is placed northward, hold your consciousness from chest to head. And when your head is placed southward, hold your consciousness form chest to feet. Hold you in balance once in each seven, and your balance will retain the whole of its strength. If you be old your body will freshen and your strength will become as you as a youth’s. This is the secret known to the master’s by which they hold off the fingers of death.”
Finding Fearlessness & Inner Strength Through Meditation | Himalayan  Institute
I am not presently going to share my experience while practicing this, because if you’re serious and curious, then you will put this into practice and experience for yourself. However, I will share some logic of the practice. All that exists is energy be it in solid or liquid form and as human beings we are composed of the same energy of the earth and same energy/spirit that pervades the universe. We are walking batteries. We are walking are  \poles. We are walking conductors and energy flows in and out of our bodies. We are walking magnets. The earth’s core is primarily iron and nickel. Also, the earth is made of seven layers just as the human body has seven main chakras. So one should see the relationship we have to the earth and its pull it has on us. Doing the above exercise while in the right mind imparts energy and rearranges molecular structure, removes impurities and negative energy, heals, and also raises vibratory rate. Imagine a doctor placing an EKG pad or a defibrillator on your body, the above exercise given and meditation given by Tehuti is this equivalent and has same functioning, but in all reality it exceeds it because the one given by the God Tehuti involves consciousness the usage of the mind in a meditative practice. Meditation is “DIRECTED ENERGIZED THOUGHT”.
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The focusing on chest to head we are addressing four chakras and focusing on chest to feet we are still focusing on four chakras. But, notice all the chakras are being addressed four at a time even though you will be individually focusing on them singly but following chest to head and chest to feet the body is divided in half. Now the halves can be looked at as heaven and hell or above below (heaven/hell are conditions). Why?  The upper controlling the lower amounts to heaven and focusing on lower getting control of leads to heaven But lack of control we already know the the results. The number four is symbolical of the universe north-east-south-west. Also in Maat we have four letters. Now in yoga there is a pose called shavasana , which is usually done at the end of a yoga practice. In this pose you lie down just as the God Tehuti instructs. Yet where this pose lacks is that it is done without a sense of direction (north/south) poles. My purpose is only to share the physical benefits of the pose from a yogic perspective.
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Benefits of shavasana:
Lowers blood pressure, relaxes and rejuvenates the body, reduces fatigue, reduces stress and mild anxiety, reduces insomnia, calms and centers the mind. (Hatha Yoga Illustrated, Martin kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel Dituro)
Relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating. Brings body, mind, and spirit into balance, trains you to be tension free, undefended and wide awake at the same time. Gives you time to absorb and integrate benefits of other poses. Improves circulation, regulates blood pressure, reduces fatigue, and induces calmness of mind.
One of the best ways to learn how to meditate, introverts the mind, develops faculty of self awareness, helps feel the energy you are made of. Tremendous physical-psycho-spiritual repercussions. Gives experience of peace. (Yoga the spirit and practice of moving into stillness, Erich Schiffman)